Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Book of Eli – Exploring Intersections and the Broader Context

It is probable that many Christians are likely to embrace and deconstruct this film as the visual representation of a Christian man who is the world’s hero that positions the Holy Bible as the point from which a new and moral civilization is shaped. However, from an objective standpoint (if there is such a thing), the movie is much more than this. The Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington, is the site of a plethora of intersections, along the lines of spiritual themes, logos/ pathos/ ethos, sexism, ableism, destruction and several other moral issues. This blog does not allow me to go in depth one these issues but I offer surface level explorations here, with the hopes of sparking conversation and rhetorical methods to further examining this text. (If you have not seen the movie, stop here, as this may be a spoiler)
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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beck's "preachers and pastors" panel: straight from the fringe

This is why we need to study rhetoric and religion

Beck's "preachers and pastors" panel: straight from the fringe

Is There a Message in Lincoln's Religion for Obama?

Since the Rev. Jeremiah Wright incident during the last presidential campaign, there has been low-level grousing by many Christians regarding Obama's religious convictions. He has claimed to be a Christian, but there is little traditional evidence of a consistent Christian faith in his life—the most obvious being his failure to join or attend a Christian congregation. Yet, strikingly, and surprisingly, Obama seemed to suddenly make a 180-degree turn in his recent Oval Office talk on energy policy and the Gulf oil crisis.
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Rise of the Religious Left

Which political party’s members are most likely to believe that Jesus will definitely return to earth before midcentury? The Republicans, right? Wrong. The Democrats.
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