Monday, March 26, 2012

Hip Hop and Religion

Our newest contributor Ebony A. Utley discusses the Illuminati, Jay-Z, Hip Hop and Religion on "Left of Black."

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Anonymous said...

I never really gave thought to why there was so much fuss about Jay-Z and Beyonce' being associated with the illuminati because I too thought it was just a stupid fad going on. Dr. Utley has brought to my attention how mainstream black artists, actors, and entertainers pose a threat to society. I can't but think of the recent heat towards Bill Cosby. But whenever allegations about black entertainers are publicized I can't help but wonder who's the main audience. To me it's the black community. As Dr. Utley says when people (whites) feel that their power (race) is being threatened, they make up allegations to try to discredit the person (blacks) posing as a threat. That impacts the black community the most because it's a constant reminder of how others feel about our race.

Charlease Cannon PS-01