Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Newest Contributor: Celucien L. Joseph

Dr. Celucien L. Joseph is an intellectual, scholar, and cultural critic. He is an adjunct professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (South Florida Extension Center). He is the host and founder of Center for Reason, Dialogue, and Faith.
He received an M.A. (French language and literature) from the University of Louisville; a Master of Divinity (Biblical and Theological Studies) from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; a Th. M. (New Testament) from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; and a Ph.D. (Literary Studies) from the University of Texas at Dallas. Dr. Joseph is an interdisciplinary scholar. He is interested in the intersections of race, religion, culture, history, literature, and postcolonialism.

His areas of research and expertise are race, culture, and religion in American history; interdisciplinary approaches to the academic study of religious beliefs; pragmatic religious naturalism; the varieties of African American and diasporic religious experience; African American biblical hermeneutics; liberation and constructive theologies; American Literature, Transnational Literature, Black Internationalism, Anglophone and Francophone Caribbean Literatures, African-American Literature, Postcolonial Literature and Theory, African and Haitian Studies. His forthcoming books include the following: Religious Métissage: The Religious Imagination and ideas of Jean Price-Mars (under contract with Wipf & Stock/Cascade 2013), and “The Haitian Turn”: Haiti, the Black Atlantic, and Black Transnational Consciousness (under editorial review with Temple University Press). He formerly served as an adjunct Professor of French at Tarrant County College (TX) in the Department of World Languages and Literature. You can follow him on twitter @Docteur_Lou

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