Monday, July 30, 2012

God Forgives, I Don’t

by Ebony Utley
R3 Contributor and Author of Rap and Religion: Understanding the Gangsta’s God

Well, I do, but Rick Ross doesn’t in the God Forgives, I Don’t album that officially drops on July 31, but leaked on the web as early as July 25. Ross claims that the album balances a grace-giving God and a ruthless gangsta.

MTV asked Ross for a five-word description of the album. He replied,
"Classic, untouchable, boss, success, revenge. If you doubted us being here three years ago, five years ago, you don’t understand hip-hop, you don’t understand the power of rap music."

I like to think I understand hip hop. After all, I’m the author of Rap and Religion: Understanding the Gangsta’s God, but I’ve gotta admit, folks, I did not see Maybach Music Group becoming an industry powerhouse five years ago. Ross started out scratching his beard in his videos, and now I’m scratching my head in this blog trying to figure out how he became a major player.
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Armondo said...

One has to question the sincerity, as well as the morality, of a rapper who got famous for writing rhymes about being a criminal while he was also working to lock them up. If Ross was a drug dealer, it seems fair to say that he would have no less of a problem selling his community bad music than he would bad drugs. Conversely, if he is lying on his street cred, the argument can be made that Rick's meteoric rise to super-stardom is the by-product of him being a hip-hop cop aided by government record sales and promotion. In which case, his crappy music is an ill forced on our community in much the same way heroin, crack, and assault rifles are. Either way, Ross and his God are doing the hood way more harm than good.