Monday, October 29, 2012

R3 Contributor: Brian Foulks

Brian Foulks is a church planter/ lead pastor, an urban missionary, and a social activist. He has a passion for those nestled in the cortex of Hip Hop and church. Known for being an advocate for invading the culture with the truth of the scripture. He is considered to be a hybrid of the faith-connecting the seminary with the block, the unorthodox, hip hop culture with some of the liturgical aesthetics of the church. His mission is based on a need to redirect the efforts of the church toward a people group that society at large has been disinclined to engage. He has a B.S. in Recreation from Benedict College and a M.A. in Theological Studies from Liberty University. He is currently a doctoral student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Urban Ministries. He also blogs at Syncopated Hustle.

Brian's Articles:
1. Intentional Gaming with God
2. Lost in a Familiar Place
3. Theo-political Tension
4. Grace of God in Reflective Thoughts of Racism
5. Reconciling with James Baldwin: My Discontent with the System of Church
6. The Narrative of Suspectivity: Tupac's Me Against the World
7. Disjointed Imago Dei (Image of God) Part 4: Embodying a Race, Religion, and Rhetoric Ethos
8. Existential Realism: I Rock with Jakes and Calvin
9. Tenuous Duality of Election Day
10. Unmasking a Preserved Blackness: Forming a Personal, Progressive Theology, Part 1 
11. The Realness of Reconciliation-The Price 
12. My #Theological Necessity for the Black Church-I Wrestle
13. My Lament for the Young Black Males- Peace #Trayvon

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