Monday, October 29, 2012

Meet R3 Contributor: Crystal St. Marie Lewis

When Crystal St. Marie Lewis isn't writing for R3, she's engaging Christianity's tough questions on her blog: Diary of a Christian Universagnosticostal. She is known for her candid (and often edgy) postmodern perspectives on theology, faith infused with reason, the future of Christianity, and “radical religious pluralism”. Crystal describes herself as “incurably curious” and says skepticism is a calling, not a curse. She is committed to following Jesus, living her most faithful expression of Micah 6:8, inter-religious dialogue and the seven guiding principles of Unitarian Universalism. Crystal lives in Washington, DC where she is pursuing enlightenment, the Kingdom of God, zero-calorie chocolate and a Master of Theological Studies. Please feel free to follow Crystal on Facebook and Twitter.

1. The Still Small Voice: An Easter Reflection

2. The Divine: When Words Fail
3. Of Dust and Ashes: A (Re) reading of the Book of Job
4. The Bible and Same Sex Relationships: When Theologies Collide
5. Was This Guy Really Resurrected?
6. A Few Words on Top Down Theology
7. God in the Gray Areas: A Defense of the Spiritual But Not Religious
8. God is...and Maybe That's All
9. When Perception Matters Most: David, Bathsheba, and Hearing the Victim's Story
10. What I Mean When I Call Christianity A “Privileged Class”…
11. The Bible and Same-Sex Relationships: When Theologies Collide
14.Where Is God?
15. Is Your Church A Safe Space?
16. White Men Can't Jump Out of the Frying Pan That Easily
17. How Seminaries and the Ordination Process Leave Theologically "Liberal" Christians Behind
18. When Liberal Christians Draw the Circle Narrow 
19. Our Literarcy Bias: What it is and How It Affects Our Perception of #Scripture 
20.Cultivating Knowledge of Christian History is a Moral Obligation 
21. On #Christian #Fundamentalism's Ongoing Effort to Win Custody of #Jesus 
22. When Modern-Day Messengers Cook Up Unpalatable Messages 
23. A Reflection on the #Zimmerman Verdict and Traditional Eschatology 
24. History vs. Theology: Examine and Understand Their Starting Points
25. The Silent Black Megachurch Pastor: We Need To Wake Up, Y'All

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