Tuesday, October 30, 2012

R3 Blogger: Giovanni "Blame Girl" Neal

Giovanni Neal is a professional blogger, educator and paralegal. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and holds a Master’s Degree in Legal Studies. Ms. Neal has been a professional blogger for two years and brings her unique perspective on race and religion. Prior to her career as a professional blogger, Ms. Neal served as a paralegal. In addition, Ms. Neal taught social studies and world geography. Ms. Neal incorporated innovative technologies in her lessons and encouraged her students to utilize these tools. From this experience, she developed a passion for professional blogging and uses it as a medium to be part of the political process. Although she was raised in a Christian household, she wasn’t raised in the church, nor did she receive any formal academic training in theology. She is a self-described, deist or agnostic, and offers a different view of religion. Additionally, as a black woman you will find that her ideas on racism will challenge the norm. Follow her on twitter @blamegirls

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