Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Welcome to R3: Stacy Dandridge

Stacy D. Dandridge is a student at Memphis Theological Seminary where she serves as a James L. Netters Scholar Graduate Assistant. She is a contributor to The Dialogue Corner and the Young Ministers’ Corner of  The African American Lectionary. She also maintains a blog that seeks to Giving Inspiration for Transformation (G.I.F.T.). She currently serves on the ministerial staff at Christ Missionary Baptist Church, under the direction of Rev. Dr. Gina Stewart. She works diligently in the Department of Discipleship Development at CMBC—giving leadership to classes intended to develop new Disciples and strengthen their journey with God. She is on fire for God and is committed to seeing lives transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.

Stacy's Articles:
1. Sandy, Politics, and the President of the United States
2. Trigger Happy: African Americans and the Problem With “Stand Your Ground” Laws  
3. If We Are Willing-Part 2 
4. #Jesus, Lepers and #Healthcare-Pt.1

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