Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rhetoric Race and Religion Institute Professor Christopher House Receives Dissertation Award

Ithaca College Professor Dr. Christopher House is the recipient of the National Communication Association's African American Communication and Culture Division 2012 Outstanding Dissertation Award. Dr. House successfully defended his University of Pittsburgh dissertation, titled "Rhetorics of the Black Church: Sex, Religion, and HIV/AIDS Across the African Diaspora," last year as a predoctoral diversity fellow in the Department of Communication Studies at Ithaca College. He will be recognized for his outstanding work at the annual meeting of NCA in Orlando next month.

In selecting the dissertation, the awards committee noted that Dr. House's dissertation "...made meaningful contributions to communication scholarship regarding African Americans and/or the African Diaspora in insightful ways." One of the reviewers added that "the author's use of multiple methods to engage a topic that is crucial but rarely studied in communication is impressive. His engaging exploration of how personal involvement or personal vulnerability with disease actually causes these theologians to rethink and reframe what they espouse is compelling."

Dr. House served as a Visiting Professor at Memphis Theological Seminary at it Rhetoric Race and Religion Institute.

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Jason said...

Dr. House's class "HIV/AIDS and the Black Church Rhetoric" is stunning. I can only assume that any opportunity to experience his teaching would be a similar experience.