Thursday, November 1, 2012

R3 Contributor: Earle Fisher

Pastor, professor, writer, preacher and social activist, Rev. Earle J. Fisher graduated from Benton Harbor High School in 1996, earned an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts in 1999 from Lake Michigan College, a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Computer Science in 2003 from LeMoyne-Owen College and a Masters of Divinity Degree in May 2008 from Memphis Theological Seminary. he is an ordained minister in both the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and National Baptist denominations. Currently serving as a adjunct instructor of religion and humanities as several local colleges, as well as interim pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church (A.B.C.) in Whitehaven. Most of Rev. Fisher's work focuses on the rhetoric and impact of black preaching, hip-hop theology and young-adult spirituality. He is happily married to his wife Denise, and has one son, Jalen. Follow him on Twitter @pastor_earle

Earle's Contributions
1. “I Am Not a Preacher But…”:The Theological Stylings of Steve Harvey
2. F**k the Police, the Scribes and the Pharisees: Rodney King, Jesus, and Hip Hop's Prophetic Tradition
3. The Evolution of the President: Coming Clean and Out of the Closet 
4. To Vote or Not to Vote: The Ballot, The Burden and the Believers 
5. The Southern Action Coalition
6. Politics, Presentation, and the Prophetic Element
7. The Apocalypse of Otherness:Reflections on the Political and Theological Landscape
8. Now After That: Pastoral and Prophetic Reflections After the Election
9. Pimps, Prophets and the Prophetic Tradition: Towards a Prophetic and More Inclusive Theology
10. Don't Ask, We'll Tell It: Jason Collins and the Political Theology of Coming Out 
11. Tis the Season....To be Greedy 
12. The Murky Matrix of Contemporary Ministry: Piety, Privilege and the #PreachersofL.A.-Pt.1 
13. The Murky Matrix of Contemporary Ministry: Piety, Privilege and the #PreachersofL.A.-Pt.2 
14. There is POWER in the NAME...Right? 
15. A Call to Action and Prayer at the #JusticeforTrayvon Rally 
16. The #ZimmermanTrial and The Verdict for the Church 
17. When the TEXT is the Problem – A Liberationists Analysis of Sacred Literature and Social Legacy 
18. Why Amendment 1 Ruffles the Feathers of My Faith
19. Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing: Prophetic Practices over Pious Polity
20. Don't Mess With My Messiah: #BlackJesus, Blind Faith & Biblical Foolishness
21. Me, Myself and Eyes That Watch God: Who I am Becoming and Why I Chose to Pursue a PhD in Communications and Not Theology
22. A Preemptive Strike Against Functional and Failing Schools: An Exercise in Educational Exploitation

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