Saturday, November 10, 2012

Evangelist Blames Religious Leaders’ ‘Godless Government Gospel’ for Obama Presidency

An evangelist with a nationally-known ministry released a post-election statement today, attributing the presidency of Barack Obama to the “Godless government gospel” being proliferated by a number of prominent evangelical leaders who demand morality in and by the government apart from the moral Lawgiver.
Michael Marcavage of the Philadelphia-based ministry Repent America said that he has observed much hypocrisy from evangelicals this election, who who have decried the sins of America while at the same time aggressively supporting and promoting candidates that advocate evil. He stated that Democrats and Republicans alike used identical reasoning to dismiss the gravity of the immorality that their candidate espoused in an attempt to justify their unBiblical voting practices.
Marcavage explained that in regard to those who voted Democratic, as in 2008, Barack Obama held the support of a large following of black churches from across the nation. Despite their disappointment with Obama’s stance on homosexual “marriage” and abortion, they stated that they would agree to disagree with the president because they favored his “Christian values” of caring for the sick and poor.
“[Obama] swore to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution, not the Bible,” preached Frederick Haynes III, senior pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas in a sermon earlier this year. “He is not the pastor of the United States; he is the president of the United States.”
Marcavage noted that likewise, numerous prominent evangelicals stated that while they disagreed with Mitt Romney’s Mormonism, his support for abortion exceptions and his advocacy for homosexual adoption, they backed the candidate because “Jesus is not on the ballot.” At the same time, many called for moral reformation and cried out to God for revival.
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