Thursday, December 6, 2012

Obama Attracted Minority Christian, Less Religious Voters en Route to Second Term

The Public Religion Research Institute confirmed that the religiously unaffiliated and minority Christian vote largely went to President Obama while Mitt Romney attracted most of the white, evangelical vote in November. The group's recent surveys highlight the challenge the GOP has in attracting minority voters. According to the surveys, 25 percent of religiously unaffiliated voters supported Obama, with Romney winning only 7 percent of the same group. However, 40 percent of white, evangelical Protestants supported Romney while Obama received only 8 percent of that vote.

Each candidate received equal support from white, Catholic voters. The surveys showed that Obama's coalition was comprised of 7 percent who consider themselves non-Christian, whereas Romney coalition was made up of only 3 percent of the like group. The results were taken from the nationwide American Values Survey of 1,410 respondents and the Ohio Values Survey based on 1,203 phone calls of adults 18 and over. Minority Christian voters were more likely to report that a majority of people in their congregation supported Obama (67 percent), rather than Romney (22 percent).

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