Monday, December 3, 2012

Reflections on the Election: A Reader

Here at Rhetoric Race and Religion we have collected articles that offer a reflection of the 2012 Presidential Election. If you would like to submit one, please email us at or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. Enjoy.

1. Tenuous Duality of Election Day
2. Post-Election Recovery: A Chance for a Reckoning?
3. Election 2012: A New Day for Religion in America
4. What Historically White Denominations Can Learn From the Republican Party
5. What do religious leaders want for Obama’s next four years?
6. Secular America Wins!
7. 'Mormon Moment' Ends With A Loss - But Romney's Religion Still Won
8. For the Radical Right, Obama Victory Brings Fury and Fear
9. Election results reveal God is winning
10. What Now? Bishops' Edition
11. Election results raise questions about Christian right's influence
12. What’s next for religious conservatives?
13. How Barack Bamboozled Catholics
14. The New Reality For Political Evangelicals
15. Religion And Politics: The Struggle For Minorities
16. God after 2012: How did election change religion and politics landscape?
17. Religious Right's Ralph Reed a Big Election Loser
18. Christian Right Failed to Sway Voters on Issues
19. What's Next For Religious Conservatives?
20. Election 2012: Religion and the Results
21. How the Faithful Voted: 2012 Preliminary Analysis
22. What Hath God to Do with American Capitalism?
23. Two Very Different Responses to the Election from the Christian Right
24. The Religious Right Should Declare Victory And Get Out Of Politics
25. The Silver Lining on the Romney Campaign
26. Is There a Political Plan B for the Bishops?
27. 2012 Post-Election American Values Survey & 2012 Ohio Values Survey
28. Franklin Graham to Newsmax: 'We Have Turned Our Backs on God'
29. Mormons the big winners of 2012 election
30. The Religious Right after the Election
31. Religion and it’s Changing Role in American Politics
32. An Open Letter to my Black Evangelical Friends
33. Election 2012: A Church gone astray
34. Weak Teavangelicals
35. Progressive Christians Enter the Age of Relevancy
36. The New Evangelical Agenda
37. Religious and spiritual leaders on moving past a divisive election
38. Election 2012 Marks the End of Evangelical Dominance in Politics
39. With the Election Over, the Battle for Religious Liberty Intensifies
40. TEXAS FAITH: What did the 2012 election results mean for people of faith?
41. How Evangelicals can lead the way now
42. Election 2012: ‘Mormon moment’ or a last gasp coalition?
43. Religious right splits: Hucksters say double down; true believers want to try something new
44. Doug Wilson: Obama’s Election Is God’s Judgment
45. White evangelicals, Republicans and wanting to ‘take our country back’
46. Racial-Religious Patterns in the 2012 Elections
47. Racial Religious Patterns in Political Ideology – Expanded Version
48. The Death of American Religion
49. Religion in the 2012 presidential election
50. Where’s the Faith? A New Role for Religion in American Elections
51. Election 2012: What Happened to Political Evangelicalism?
52. Different paths to a goal
53. Conservatives fight back after Romney loss
54. An Election Without God

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