Sunday, January 6, 2013

That Big, Vague Ghost in the Ray Lewis Reporting

If you are a pro-football fan, or a human being who is alive and breathing in greater Baltimore, then you are probably aware that today’s playoff game between the Ravens and the “Indianapolis Colts” is the final home game for Ray Lewis, perhaps the greatest inside linebacker to ever put on pads (and I say that as a old-school fan of Mike Singletary).
Lewis has played for a stunning 17 years, with 13 trips to the Pro Bowl and the off years — such as this year — have largely been hampered by injuries. The man is a legend on the sideline, acting as a leader and firebrand, as well as on the field.
There are some people who, frankly, hate Lewis’ guts, in large part because of a touch with violence early in his career. Others like to call him “God’s linebacker” because of his very outspoken, if somewhat vague, statements about his faith. There was that“The Gospel According to Ray” cover story at Sports Illustrated, after all.
The huge, A1 Baltimore Sun piece announcing his plans to retire, at the end of the 2013 playoffs, covered the linebacker’s future in pulpits, as well as, according to news reports, cable-TV sports. Here is a major chunk of the summary material about one of the dominant figures in Baltimore life:
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