Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Connecticut School Shooting: A Reader

On December 14, a gunman went into Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, Connecticut shot and killed 26 people; 20 children and 6 adults. We here at R3 thought it would be important to collect reflections  reactions and responses to this horrific tragedy. If you have one or if you know of others, please share them with our editor at

1. Connecticut School Shooting: Hip-Hop Reacts to Terrible Tragedy
2. Fischer: God Didn't Stop CT School Shooting Because He's a Gentleman Who Doesn't Go Where He Is    Not Wanted
3. Obama Pledges ‘Meaningful Action’ After Connecticut Shooting
4. The Shooting Of Children And 'God's Plan'
5. Mike Huckabee says removing God from schools is to blame for shooting
6. Connecticut School Shooting: Love is a Weapon Against Darkness
7. White House On Newtown School Shooting: Today Not The Day For Gun Control Debate
8. Westboro Church tweets about Connecticut shootings: 'Fag marriage' is to blame
10. Guns and Babies: What Newtown Does NOT Teach Us
11. Are We Living In Hell? The Sandy Hook School Massacre and the Presence of God
12.Connecticut shooting, white males, and mass murder 
13. Newtownian Understanding (Part 1)
14. Sandy Hook Shooting: Is It About Banning Guns Or Banning God?
15. Political Cartoons Of Newtown Elementary School Shooting
16. After Newtown, A Call For Spiritual Activism Around Gun Violence: Fasting for Peace
17. Gaudete Sunday: How Can You Feel Joy After Newtown Shooting?
18. Joe Scarborough: Newtown Shooting Made 'Ideologies Of My Past' On Guns Irrelevant (VIDEO)
19. The Newtown Tragedy and the Prophetic Case for Immediate Action
20. Theses on Guns, Apocalypticism, and American Religion
21. God can’t be kept out
22. Sandy Hook Elementary: Gun Control, Mental Health and the State of Our Union
23. Letter of the Day (July 11): Darkness
24. James Dobson Says Sandy Hook is God’s Judgment on America
25. Where is God? 
26. Tea Party Nation Blames Sandy Hook Shooting On Sex In Media, Teacher's Unions And Bureaucracy
27. Huckabee Clarifies Remarks About Newtown Shooting and God in Schools
29. Where was God in the Connecticut School Shooting?
30. For Newtown, Condolences and a Plea for Action
31. God on Trial in Newtown
32. The God Who Shows Up When God Disappears
33. School Shooting Debates: God, Guns, Video Games and Mental Illness
34. School shooting at Advent prompts clergy to reflect on U.S. violence
35. NRA On School Shooting: Politicians React After Press Conference
36. Blaming Sandy Point school shooting on lack of God is a coward's cop-out
37. Religious Right Reacts to Sandy Hook Shooting by Blaming Lack of Government-Dictated School Prayer
39. God Is Appalled By Sandy Hook Shooting Say Mormon Scholars Terryl and Fiona Givens
40. A conversation with God on Sandy Hook shooting
41. Newt Gingrich Blames ‘Anti Religious’ Secular Government For Newtown Shooting
42. An Obituary for Right-Wing Evangelicalism?
43. On the Disciplining of Grief: The Affective Aftermath of Newtown 
44. Sandy Hook and Public Theology
45. President Obama Speaks at Newtown High School
46. Newtown shooting prompts Obama to talk about God
47. God’s Obituary: A Humanist Response to Mass Murder
48. Celebrities Call for Gun Control Plan
49. Newtown School Shooting: Is God to blame? Jesse Morrell
50. The Newtown Connecticut School Shooting Resources for Reflection, Worship, and Helping Children Understand
51. No God, No Parenting, No Common Sense, No Wonder in Connecticut School Shooting
52. Connecticut School Shooting - What Does The Bible Say? Where was God?
53.The Way It's Supposed to Be: Reflections on Sandy Hook
54. The Weapons of Our Warfare

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