Friday, January 18, 2013

Welcome Our Newest Contributor: Cynthia Nielsen

Cynthia R. Nielsen, Ph.D. is a Catherine of Siena Fellow at Villanova University. Nielsen’s work is highly interdisciplinary in nature and her research interests include ethics, social and political philosophy, critical race theory/philosophy of race, and the philosophy and sociology of music. Her forthcoming/recent publications include: Foucault, Douglass, Fanon, and Scotus in Dialogue: On Social Construction and Freedom (Palgrave Macmillan March 2013), “Resistance is Not Futile: Frederick Douglass on Panoptic Plantations and the Un-Making of Docile Bodies and Enslaved Souls,” Philosophy and Literature 35.2 (2011): 251–68, “Unearthing Consonances in Foucault’s Account of Greco-Roman Self-Writing and Christian Technologies of the Self,” (forthcoming, Heythrop Journal 2013; online preview), “Resistance Through Re-Narration: Fanon on De-constructing Racialized Subjectivities,” (African Identities: Journal of Economics, Culture, and Society 9:4 (Dec. 2011): 363–85. She also blogs at Per Caritatem and you can follow her on twitter @cynthiaRnielsen.

Contributions by Cynthia:

1. Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. in 2013: On How Not to Sleep Through a Revolution
2. Martin Luther King Jr. on Human Solidarity, An Inescapable Network of Mutuality, and the Dangers of Un-interrogated “Whiteness”

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