Monday, January 7, 2013

R3 Contributor: Joseph Boston

Joseph is a British born, JA-merican raised ex-pat residing in Australia. Non degree holding autodidact, theologian, writer, truth seeker and critical thinker who treads in the hallowed footsteps of Baldwin and X while cutting his teeth on the sharp wisdom of playwrights, authors, revolutionaries, prophets, activists and Jesus.

I currently spend my days toiling as a social worker for the Department of Child Safety in Brisbane, Australia while dreaming of some day becoming a full time screenwriter, playwright, author, educator and public speaker.

I am in love with words and have full respect for the power of language. As it was written,  first there was the word, and then the word became flesh. 

You can find me tweeting at @josephlaboston or blogging at Joseph Boston Blog 

Joseph's Contributions:

1. Djanjo: Black Jesus Unchained
2. Kanye West: The Higher Learning of the College Dropout 
3. Renisha McBride and the American Gun Slinger 
4. #Obama: Black Paternalism and the Passive Revolution, Part 1 
5. #Obama: Black Paternalism and the Passive Revolution, Part 2