Friday, February 15, 2013

American Academy of Religion: Black Theology Group

Call for Proposals 

This Group, in its desire to further develop the intellectual traditions of the discipline, welcomes individual paper, papers session, and roundtable proposals that seek to address the following: 

  • Black theology and its relationship to social issues (e.g., poverty, healthcare, sexuality, racism, etc.), particularly papers that have particular resonance with, but are not limited to, the concerns addressed by the Baltimore-located HBO TV program The Wire 
  • Black theology in dialogue with world religions 
  • Black theology as an act of biography/autobiography — in what ways does the discipline affirm the importance of experience or how does it emphasize the relationship between theology and the theologian? 
  • Contouring the landscape of Black theology — reflecting the state of the discipline in the twenty-first century, either in terms of what has gone before or what are the future challenges or methodological approaches 
  • For a cosponsored session with the Afro-American Religious History Group, Baltimore’s historic role in the slave trade, anti-slavery, and more broadly antihegemonic religious rhetoric
We are especially keen to receive proposals from Afro-Latino/Latina scholars in the United States and Black theologians and religious scholars in Latin America, the Caribbean, and continental Africa. Consideration will be given to paper, papers session, and roundtable proposals that address the 2013 Annual Meeting theme of public understanding of religion and issues of religious pluralism. 

This Group seeks to further develop black theology as an academic enterprise. In part, this is accomplished by providing opportunities for exchanges related to basic issues of black theology’s content and form. In addition, the Group seeks to broaden conversation by bringing black theology into dialogue with other disciplines and perspectives on various aspects of African diasporan religious thought and life. 

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