Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Evolution of an Evangelical

Evolution is no longer a theory -- it is a reality. Or at least it is when it comes to the evolution of public opinion on LGBT equality. From the White House to the State House; in opinion polls and in church pews; even in NBA locker rooms: the dream of full equality for LGBT people is no longer a far-away light at the end of a very long tunnel -- it is a tide turning and a point tipping.
I've seen lots and lots of analysis about what has been the "game changer" for this movement that I've been part of for over a decade now. And while I'm sure there are books about to be published, articles fixing to be filed and dissertations eventually going to be defended, what I know for a fact certain is that part of the story -- no matter who is telling it or analyzing it -- will be the power of the stories of LGBT people to change hearts and minds. And votes. And eventually the world.
And the best way I know to illustrate the power of those stories is to share this story -- the story of the evolution of an evangelical, the story of Brian McLaren. Author, activist and "public theologian" Brian McLaren took some heat last year when he presided at the wedding of his son Trevor and his husband Owen. In response to some of that "heat" -- mostly from fellow Christians -- McLaren told this story in a recent blog post:
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