Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Holidays

As we take some much needed time off, we here at Rhetoric Race and Religion wish all of you a very blessed holiday season. In the meantime, please enjoy some of the writing from our contributors. 

We are looking for new contributors in 2014! 

We are interested in any topics that examine the intersection of rhetoric race and religion. Interested in contributing? It's real easy, you just let us know and start submitting.

First, there is no necessary number of posts you need to submit or anything like that. Post whenever you feel like posting (Though we would like at least one per month, that is not something we will hold fast to). Second, we are cool with cross-posting as well. In short, if you are posting for another blog (especially your own), we will post the article and provide the link back to the blog. Third, all postings for right now will come to this email address: 
Just provide the title of the article and include any "hyperlinks" embedded in your article as well. (especially those from Rhetoric Race and Religion).  

All we need from you is a brief bio and a picture so that we can add you to the list of contributors. If you would like to become one of our contributors, please email us at  at

Andre E Johnson, Editor
Arlene Sanchez-Walsh
Armondo Collins
Brian Foulks
Candice Benbow
Carol Howard Merritt
Celucien Joseph
Cona' Marshall
Crystal St. Marie Lewis
Cynthia Neilsen
Daniel White Hodge
Earle Fisher
Edward Blum
Ebony A. Utley
Elizabeth F. Desnoyers-Colas
Eric Brown
Gee Joyner
Giovanni Neal (Blame Girl) 

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