Saturday, February 1, 2014

#RenishaMcBride: A Reader

On November 2, 2013, Theodore Wafer shot Renisha McBride in the face as she sought assistance after being in a car accident. The shooting of an unarmed black teenager has similarities to the Trayvon Martin murder by George Zimmerman. Here at R3, we will collect some of the editorials and opinion pieces that examine the shooting of McBride. If you have a piece you would like for us to include, please send it to us at 

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1. Where Is the Million Hoodie March for Renisha McBride? 

2. The Case of Renisha McBride 
3. The Tail of Two Women: Betsy Chapman and Renisha McBride
4. What the Blogosphere Got Dangerously Wrong About the Renisha McBride Case 
5. Commentary: Standing Our Own Ground 
6. Shootings Cast Pall Over Detroit’s Comeback Narrative 
7. White Men, Black Female Bodies, and Renisha McBride 
8. Race, Justice & Culture: Renisha McBride, Marissa Alexander and “Knockout” 
9. Renisha McBride and Other Black Women Need to be Defended 
10. The racist killing of Renisha McBride 
11. Welcome to America, Where It's a Crime to Be Black 
12. Renisha McBride and the American Gun Slinger 
13. Mitch Albom: Restraint needed, please, in divisive Renisha McBride case 
15. Charges in Renisha McBride case show the system working 
16. Do you see this woman?: Renisha McBride and the image of God
17. Who will defend Black women?
18. "I Didn't Mean to Kill Renisha McBride." But Does it Matter?
19. Where is the Justice for Renisha McBride?
20. “She Killed Herself”: Renisha McBride and the Racial Politics of Blaming the Victim
21. Why a Young Black Woman Owns a Firearm
22. The Horrific Killing Of Renisha McBride
23. Thankfully, New Orleans couple figured out intruder on their porch was harmless
25. Analysis: Self-Defense Claim May be Legally Weak in Michigan Porch Shooting 
26. This Time ‘Trayvon’ is a 19-Year-Old Black Woman Shot In the Back of the Head
27. Judge Rules Detroit Suburban Homeowner Should Stand Trial in Shooting Death of Renisha McBride 
28. Witness Says Renisha McBride Just ‘Wanted To Go Home’ 
29. Renisha McBride and the Victimization and Criminalization of Black Women


Jimmie L. Dodd said...

The story of Renisha Mcbride is similar to the Jonathan Ferrell story. Both were young African Americans whose only crime was seeking help while Black. They were both disoriented after a car accident and needed assistance. In Renisha's case the alleged shooter opened the door, no doubt heard her plight and decided to shot and kill her anyway. In Jonathan Ferrell's case the homeowner thought the "banging" on her door was a quest to rob her. Robbers do not usually make an announcement nor introduce themselves when they are getting ready to rob a person(s). In both tragic incidents,the victims were harmless and armless. My view is they were both hate crimes and this needs to stop. I want to give an experience I had that I acted first and thought later. I was going to Florida and wanted to take cotton for my grandchildren to see. On my way to Dyersburg I saw fields of cotton. On my way home from Dyersburg one Sunday afternoon I stopped at this house with the cotton fields to ask for a stalk of cotton. When I stopped in the driveway, opened the door Renisha suddenly came to my mind. I said, "O, Lord cover me." I left the car door open but that would not help if bullets started flying. Knocked on the door, a woman answered I told her what I wanted and she was very nice and happy to give me a cotton stalk. thinking over this I would not do this again it is too risky. Th occupant was white and I could not help thinking what could have happen by me just knocking on the door. One thing of caution I did was after I knocked was step aside but that is not a chance I am willing to take again.

Anonymous said...

This country is in a sorry mess because of the hater and race-baiting by conservative owned news media. If we got our a$$3$ kicked by small nations like Vietnam, Iraq and Korea, imagine what is going to happen if the McCain-ites mess with Russia.
Hitler murdered +- 6 million Jews, America killed millions of Native Americans with small Pox infested blankets, and how many Africans during Slavery?? Too many people here believe that they are free to take property and lives as long as it is profitable to them. They refuse to acknowledge God's "You shall not kill" edict. The gun is their 'god'and look at how their own children are using guns on their own. Reaping is in session in Heaven. Maybe we should think of "exiting, stage left" so as not to be standing near where the all powerful God is going to hit next!