Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Future Looks Bleak

There are some who remember that the Rev. Jerry Falwell began his university in Virginia because he believed that the bulk of universities and colleges in the country were aggressively liberal and anti-religious. His argument was that all the major religiously-created school had drifted away from the religious beginnings and had cut their ties with the denominations that founded them: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Duke, and the list was long.
Now the argument seems to be that our whole current educational system is failing, worthless, and incompetent. The evidence against the current public education system is the great number of people who home school their children. The efforts by politicians to create massive numbers of charter schools, and the constant cutting of funds and changing the careers of public school teachers.
But there is equal evidence for the failure of education from the other side. The percentage of people who do not believe the evidence of science is startling. Science has present study after study of the dramatic changes in climate and the causes of those changes. Those studies have been ignored. Science has incredible evidence for the expansion theory for the creation of the universe and the number of people who refuse to accept that data is astonishing. There is a South Carolinian legislature who wants to introduce a bill that will declare God as the creator of the fossils found in his state. There is no report as to the date that this legislator wants to put on when God did that.
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