Friday, April 11, 2014

The #MichaelDunn Trial: After the Verdict: A Reader

On February 15, 2014, while a jury found Michael Dunn guilty of 3 counts of attempted murder, they could not reach a verdict on the murder of Jordan Davis. During the trial, we here at Rhetoric Race and Religion collected editorials and essays associated with the trial. Now we here at Rhetoric Race and Religion thought we would collect some of the editorials and essays responding to the verdict. We ask that if you come across some articles please share them with us on our Facebook page or you can tweet us @examinereligionEnjoy.

1.Michael Dunn: this case was a mistrial?! 
2. Why Are White Men Like Michael Dunn So Angry? 
4. Michael Dunn’s Racism Couldn’t Be Hidden Behind Stand Your Ground 
5. How Michael Dunn legally got away with murder 
6. Jordan Davis Was the Victim of A Murderer, Not Rap Music 
7. Michael Dunn and Our ‘Dirty Harry’ Epidemic 
8. Failure to Convict Michael Dunn of First Degree Murder a Travesty; Must be Rectified in Second Trial 
9. Remembering X-Clan’s ‘Day of Outrage’ in the Wake of the Michael Dunn Verdict 
11. Justice for Jordan Davis? — Michael Dunn not convicted of murder 
12.After verdict in slaying of Jordan Davis, pastors talk about avoiding new killings 
13. Jordan Davis (1995-2012) 
14. Jordan Davis and Florida’s war on young black males 
15. We Continue to Wait for Justice for Jordan Davis 
16. Jordan Davis and the heritage of racism 
17. On the Killing of Jordan Davis by Michael Dunn 
18. The Jordan Davis Case: A Prosecutor's Point of View 
19. Michael Dunn, Jordan Davis and the plight of black boys 
20. I Am Young, Black and Afraid: The Jordan Davis Outcome 
21. From Jordan Davis to Barack Obama: White America's Historic Problem With 'Arrogant' Black People 
22. Michael Dunn verdict: The racist system is guilty! 
23. Romans 13, Michael Dunn and gun-toting citizen vigilantes
24. Michael Dunn's Letters From Prison: Culture, not Race? 
25. From George Zimmerman to Michael Dunn, "Carrying" Makes People More Violent 
26. Jordan Davis Verdict 
27. Highlights Need for "Race-Conscious Solution" To U.S. Racism 
28. Jordan Davis deserves justice 
29. Black Boy Interrupted 
30. What We Wanted to Believe: An Open Letter to America (For Jordan Davis) 
31. Choosing Whiteness or Humanity: Jordan Davis and the Minimizing of Black Pain 
32. Unforgivable Blackness: Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin, and Emmett Till 
33. Verdict in Jordan Davis Case Highlights Continuing Injustice of "Stand Your Ground" 
34. How Not to Lose Another Jordan Davis 
35. Stand Your Ground Post-Jordan Davis Michael Dunn Colorblind Racist Talking Points: Are 'Big White Men' 'Stereotyped' in the Same Way as 'African-Americans'? 
38. Teaching About the Jordan Davis Murder Trial 
39. I, Too Am Jordan Davis 
40. Stand Your Ground Has No Moral Ground
41. Why we can’t see Jordan Davis and why it matters 
43. Michael Dunn, Jordan Davis, and what Florida represents 
44. From Rodney King to Jordan Davis, When Will Black People Learn? 
45. Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Who's Next? It's Time for Us to Heal the Wound of Racism 
46. Jordan Davis and the Refrain of Black Death 
47. Many Blacks Misfire on Jordan Davis 
48. An Elegy for Fairness: Jordan Davis, Defiance, and White Entitlement
49. Prejudice isn’t just wrong, it kills 
50. Why Shouldn't We Arm Ourselves Against Stand-Your-Ground Shooters?  
51. I'm Dunn (But Not Really) With This: A Few Notes on Strategic Apathy and White Supremacy 
52. The Bias Against Black Bodies  
53. The Logic of the Michael Dunn Jury 
54. Michael Dunn, Jordan Davis, and America's Racist Heritage 
55. An Open Letter to Michael Dunn’s Daughter Rebecca from Deborah Smith Simpkins a Mother of Five 
56. The Murder Case Against Michael Dunn Isn’t The Only Place Where Hip-Hop Is On Trial 
57. Jane Velez-Mitchell: ‘Jordan Davis Was On Trial, Not Michael Dunn’ 
58. Michael Dunn And Open Season On Black Teenagers: The Onslaught Of White Murder 
59. Michael Dunn and open season on black teenagers: The onslaught of white murder 
60. On Jordan Davis, Michael Dunn and "White Fear" 
61. After Trayvon and Jordan, Who's Next? 
62. Clarence Thomas, Jordan Davis, And America’s “Sensitivity” About Race, Pt. 1 
63. Michael Dunn verdict and the civil rights schism between blacks and gays 
64. Time for White Americans To Wake the Hell Up! 
65. To the (Probably White) Person Who Says It Shouldn’t Be About Race 
66. An Open Letter to Prosecutor Angela Corey and the Legal Community  
67. Are Your Children #DangerousBlackKids? 
68. Do White Folks Fear Violence When Black Folks Are Just Being Blunt? 
69. The Travesty Of Justice In Michael Dunn's Killing Of Jordan Davis 
70. For Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, is a public debate enough? 
71. Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Renisha McBride: A Call to Action 
72. Jordan Davis: Thoughts From A Black Teenager 
73. Race and Murder in America from the Time of Jefferson Davis to Jordan Davis 
74. Who was the real thug in Dunn/Davis shooting?  
75. Race and the Jordan Davis Murder  
76. On Michael Dunn, and raising black sons: Jordan Davis’ mother talks to Salon  
77. Henry Rollins on Young African-American Males: Stop existing. It could get you killed 
78. Young, Black and Afraid of 'The System' 
79. The 'Threatening' 'Thug' Through History 
80. Valuing Black Life 
81. Sympathy for the Shooter: How America Has Become a "Stand Your Ground" Nation
82. White Christians: Please Stop Denying Your Privilege 
83. Time for Black parents to update the talk’ 
84. Michael Dunn, Zimmerman & Michael Giles: Why Race Still Matters 
85. Jordan Davis and unarmed blackness 
86. 'I Am Still Called by the God I Serve to Walk This Out' 
87. Fear of a Black Teenager
88. Blacks Have More Reasons to be Fearful than Whites 
89. Black Twitter Uses Social Media To Power 21st Century Civil Rights Movement 
90. “Post-racial America” is a dangerous lie: Why the fantasy is naive, insidious and deadly 
91. Fearing Hip-Hop: The Decline of the White Conscience 
92. Blacks are the hunters, not the hunted 
93. Trial demonstrates that white fear trumps black life 
94. When Michael Dunn Compared Himself to a Rape Victim, He Was Following an Old, Racist Script 
95. Jordan Davis, Colorblind Prosecutions And ‘Presumed Guiltiness of Black Bodies’ 
96. The 'Invisible Man' in the age of Trayvon and Jordan 
97. Black youth must change behavior to alter perception 
98. Bill O’Reilly to Blacks: Stop Listening to ‘Gangsta’ Music! 
99. Color of Change director Rashad Robinson: Negative images of black men becoming ‘dangerous’  
100. Trayvon and Jordan: Why Knowing Their Names Hurts 
102. Stand Your Ground in Context: Did the South's Culture of Racialized Violence and Honor Encourage Michael Dunn to Kill Jordan Davis? 

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