Monday, June 16, 2014

The #DonaldSterling Reader

Comments made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling has sparked debate about the many intersections of race. We here at Rhetoric Race and Religion thought we would collect some of the editorials and essays associated with this incident. We ask that if you come across some articles please share them with us on our Facebook page or on Twitter. Enjoy.

1. Donald Sterling, Cliven Bundy and the truth about racism 
2. Despite Anger at Donald Sterling, Church is America's Most Segregated Institution 
3. How Should Christians Respond to Racism and Men Like Donald Sterling? 
4. Olbermann Monologue 
5. What Do Cliven Bundy, Phil Robertson and Ted Nugent Have in Common? 
6. Donald Sterling and Cliven Bundy’s ignorant paternalism: Angry old white men gone wild, again! 
7. The NBA enabled Donald Sterling's racism – and now it needs to cut him off 
8. How Donald Sterling Tried To Blot Out His History Of Racism By Giving To Charity 
9. The Sterling Shuffle: Unpacking White Jewish Racism 
10. Who's the Coward?: The Flawed Logic of Faux Revolutionaries 
11. Dr. Samori Swygert: Here’s How the Child of Jewish Immigrants Became a Billionaire Racist
12. D'Jonald Unchained: The Los Angeles Clippers and Their Massa 
13. Taking Refuge in the Shadow of God’s Wings 
14. In 10 Minutes, ESPN's Bomani Jones Lays Waste To The Sterling Issue 
15. The Racists Among Us 
16. Thoughts on the NBA banning Donald Sterling for life 
17. Donald Sterling and the Intolerance of America 
18. Donald Sterling, Secret Conversations, and the Image of God 
19. Culture Clash 
20. Welcome to the Finger-Wagging Olympics 
21. Adam Silver steps into spotlight 
22. NBA spent years looking other way 
23. Black People Are Cowards 
24. #Race, #Racism and the Power of #Boycotts 
25. Of Donald Sterling's Racism and the Rise of Thoughtcrime 
26. Clippers Controversy and Black Blaming, Again 
27. Cliven Bundy, Donald Sterling, and the Reality of Racism 
28. Donald Sterling Rant Reveals Archetype of Small-Minded Jew Hasn't Quite Died 
30. Strange Bedfellows: Donald Sterling and the NAACP 
31. Why I Feel Sorry for Donald Sterling  
32. Donald Sterling, a Pretty Face and a Racist Heart 
33. Donald Sterling: Facade, Fiction, and Forgiveness 
34. 1HoodMedia: Young Black Men Discuss Donald Sterling, Call Clippers "Slaves" 
35. Donald Sterling Thinks He Owns Basketball Players, But He Really DOES Own the NAACP 
36. What We All Can Learn From the Despicable Donald Sterling 
37. Punishing Donald Sterling Is Good, But It Doesn’t Mean Racism Is Dead 
39. Donald Sterling v. Daniel Snyder: A Case Study in How the NBA and NFL Handle Racism Differently 
40. TV coverage of Donald Sterling saga was top-notch 
41. Donald Sterling shows the separate realities of Democrats and Republicans about race 
42. Verdict on Comments, but the Conversation Isn’t Over 
43. What Helped Bring Donald Sterling Down? A Threatened Strike Against Racism 
44. The Donald Sterling Scandal as a Minority Outreach Case Study 
45. Los Angeles NAACP President Resigns Amid Sterling Scandal 
46. Donald Sterling can teach America plenty about itself if we listen 
47. Donald Sterling, Phil Robertson, Paula Deen: Bigotry And Brands 
48. Open Letter to White People: Why I am Donald Sterling and So Are You 
49. How Donald Sterling Contradicts the U.S. Supreme Court  
50. Donald Sterling’s wheel of misfortune lands on moral bankruptcy 
51. Donald Sterling and reality. Part I 
52. Thick Liberty of Speech and Donald Sterling 
53. That honest conversation about race everyone wants? We can’t handle it. 
54. Donald Sterling, a Pretty Face and a Racist Heart 
55. Embarrassments 
56. Donald Sterling, Racism and the Power of Forgiveness 
57. 'Who Makes the Game?' Donald Sterling Certainly Asked the Right Question 
58. Donald Sterling and Selective Outrage  
59. The question no one is asking Donald Sterling 
61. Donald Sterling’s dollars: Charities face dilemmas with tainted donors 
62. Donald Sterling’s Model Minority 
63. Donald Sterling and reality. Part II 
64. Donald Sterling, Racism, the Social Construction of REALITY, and the Power of WORDS 
65. Donald Sterling and the Co-dependent Negro 
66. Donald Sterling, Schadenfreude, and Entrepreneurship 
67. Why Sterling is a particular disgrace to me  
68. White Privilege 101: Here’s the Basic Lesson Paul Ryan, Tal Fortgang and Donald Sterling Need 
69. Far from Sterling: Rebranding racism in sports  
70. What Donald Sterling got right about blacks 
71. Bill Maher Argues For Privacy, Free Speech In Wake Of Donald Sterling Scandal 
72. Why Are So Many Pro Basketball Owners Jewish (Like Donald Sterling)?  
73. What Exactly Was Donald Sterling’s Offense? 
74. Donald Sterling interview ( Full Interview ) Donald Sterling slams Magic Johnson Aids health 
75. The Crucifixion of Donald Sterling 
76. The Donald Sterling Scandal: Morality and Hypocrisy in Post-Christian America 
77. On Donald Sterling  
78. Donald Sterling Is NOT A Racist! 
79. Donald Sterling's Bargaining Power  
80. Donald Sterling and Other Landlords Openly Discriminate Against Low-Income Renters 
81. Donald Sterling’s Views on Race May Not be the Most Disturbing Thing About the Recent Clippers Scandal  
82. The Good Thing About the Donald Sterling Incident by Michael Nolan  
83. USA Today obtains Donald Sterling's response to NBA (32 page PDF) 
84. Our Continuing Conversation on Race  
85. The Donald Sterling Epilogue: Did His Racist Rant Make The Clippers More Valuable?

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